How to Last Kindergarten 4Ever


 “All I really need to know.. I learned in kindergarten.” (Robert Fulghum)

My mum was my kindergarten teacher and I remember playing games, singing and dancing with her. Those days have always been my favourite memories. That may be the reason why I’ve become an English teacher in kindergarten today.

I really love the idea of playing games,singing, dancing, interacting and learning with kids. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of their development process and being their very first English teacher. You should be patient,enthusiastic,fun loving and dedicated and should always keep in mind that what students learn and experience in kindergarten can shape their future and affect their success or their failure in later years.

Kindergarten students learn mainly playing games, singing songs, chanting rhymes, listening to stories or doing any kind of fun activities. It’s such a pleasure for me to see how much they can learn and produce with their limited language. You can watch this short animoto:


(You can read my guest post on Barbara Sakamoto’s blog about teaching in kindergarteners in Turkey.)

I have been using technology with my students in my lessons. When you consider kindergarten, it’s more difficult to integrate technology as my kids don’t know writing or reading. Fortunately, there are some tools that I can use in my classes such as Voicethread, Glogster, Voki, Pimpampum,BubbleJoy,Little Bird Tales, Animoto, slideshows, wikis.

I had seen other kindergarten blog examples in different countries and I had always the thought of having one and this year, the home room teacher of my age 6 class and I have started our first collaborative kindergarten blog ! I can proudly announce that this is the very first kindergarten blog in Turkey!

We are using both languages,Turkish and English. Home room teacher is writing in Turkish with her posts and I’m writing in English.We’re taking pictures, filming kids, using Web 2.0 tools, giving useful links and interacting with parents and our students. Parents also are very pleased about our blog. Some of them have already commented on some of the blog posts and thanking us for creating this blog.

Kids are also very happy and enthusiastic about our blog. They have learnt the address of the blog and they visit our blog often at home and talk about what they have seen on it. We’re also showing the blog once a week in our classes and we’re talking about the pictures and the activities they have done this week. It’s so funny to see their faces or watch their expressions when they see their pictures, hear their voices or watch their films.

What I realize is that blogging in kindergarten has also increased their attention, participation and involvement in my lessons because when they learn English, produce the language or participate in the activities, they know that they can be on the blog and others can see what they are doing at school. They are proud of themselves and I’m proud of them!


  1. Barbara Sakamoto

    How exciting to hear about kindergarteners having a class blog. What a great idea to post the information in English and Turkish–I’m sure it helps parents (and children) feel welcome. They’re lucky to have such skilled, bilingual teachers working with their children. I look forward to hearing more about how your blog develops!

  2. evasimkesian

    You are great Özge. I really love seing people who love their jobs. I believe there are people who love doing their jobs and get great enjoyment and there are others who just do and get bored and complain. Anyway,I guess some clones are needed.
    Eva Büyüksimkeşyan

  3. ekamin

    Dear Ozge,
    First of all, CONGRATS! on your first kindergarten blog in Turkey! As a kindergarten teacher, I totally agree with what you say here. It is really exciting to be the very first English teacher of kids. Kids are very enthusiastic and open to learn a new language. As long as there is fun, they are always hungry to learn new things. Remember? “WHEN THERE’S FUN, THERE’S HOPE FOR LEARNING” (by Mr. Ladybird:) )

  4. ozge

    Dear all, thanks for your comments on my blog!
    I was hesisant at first to have a class blog in kindergarten as my kids dont read or write but what I find out is that even they can’t read or write, they can still collaborate. It’s great to witness how they improve themselves every other day. This blog will be a great memory for these kids! I wish I had one too when I was a kid!

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  7. leo

    I love this idea – using technology to capture kids’ attention at the same time help them learn new stuff. I may not be a teacher (my mom is by the way) but this is the very reason why the educational system needs young bloods like you to help improve the quality of learning.

    That’s not to say that old teachers are not good! Please don’t interpret it that way. But I firmly believe that embracing modern tools we have and incorporating it in a more meaningful vocation such as teaching is very admirable.

    Keep up the good work and I hope this method spreads worldwide :)

  8. Robert

    Your approach is great. Kids are so into technology even as tiny people. When I take my kids to swimming I often work on my laptop there, and nearly all of the other kids at the pool come over to take a look at what I have on the screen – they are so keen to use the screen.

    Kids like to use animoto because it’s so visual and I’ve also found that they like starfall for learning language.

  9. Valerie

    Blogging on kindergarten does make it last forever. I am picturing your students’ faces and their reactions when they see the blogs and how excited and enthusiastic they are. It is true that most of what children learn while they were still kids are retained when they grow-up just like in my experience.

  10. Dan Claybor

    Your learning approach is fantastic. Kids love interactive learning and what a better way than engaging them in the written word via blogging for fun. This is a far cry from when I was a kid—sometimes I feel like kids from past generations were a bit short-changed given today’s technology. Then again, maybe my predecessors felt the same way about us. Either way, very uplifting post.

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