100 Digital Storytelling Tools for Your Digital Selves + Natives (Part 2)

31[1]“I know only one thing about the technologies that awaits us in the future:We will find ways to tell stories with them.”  Jason Ohlar

Here is the second part of 100 digital storytelling tools series.

DigitalFilms is a website that lets you create your own film for free. You choose your background scene, characters, animated actions, dialogue, introduction and ending credits.

WebSlides let you convert your feeds and bookmarks and present them as live web pages in an interactive slide show. It’s a great way to create and share unique presentations based on web content and user annotations.

Dipity is an online timeline that you can add videos and pictures.

Doink is a great way to create your own stories and share them with others. You can create your own story from scratch or you can use other animated stories to create yours.

Empressr is a media presentation tool. You can add pictures, videos, audios, music and share it with the world.

Jaycut lets you edit your movies online.

Mixbook allows you to create your collaborative photo books and albums.

Fix8 allows you to customize your on-screen virtual appearance in real time using avatar technology. In short, it’s a web cam technology that lets you animate yourself.

With FuzzWich, choose your settings, characters. If you like, you can even customize your character with your face. You drag the character and decide on its move and create your animated film. You can also have a look at FuzzWichFridge where you can play with magnetic words upon a fridge.

GoAnimate is a site where you can create your own animations. You don’t need to have a drawing skill or know about Flash.

With LifeHabs, you can create a sharable interactive timeline of the significant events in your life.

TimeGlider lets you create your web-based timeline software to create and share history and project plans.

PhotoAlbum lets you share and archive photos and videos. You can create your own albums with your photos,videos and add your text.

You can create your timeline with OurStory, you can add photos,videos and write your text.

MyStoryMaker allows you to create your own online story.

With SmileBox, you can create scrapbooks and e-cards with using your pictures,videos, words and music to share it with the world.

You can create easy slide shows on PhotoPeach and tell your story over photos.

You can decorate you pictures, add bubbles, create clips and photo galleries on PhotoShop.

Tikatok is an online platform where you can write your story, illustrate it and publish your original story with others.

Slideoo is the horizontal photo slide show for Flickr and Splashr is a tool for presenting Flickr photos.

SlideStory lets you share your photos with your narrated voice.

With Speechable, you can  upload and add speech bubbles to your photos.

You can create comic scripts with Toondo.

Enjoy exploring those tools!


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  2. Jonathan Wylie

    Part one and two have a great list of sites, so thanks for posting. I linked to your posts from my own blog, and posted on Classroom 2.0, because I think the more people that know about these, the better!

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