Welcome Back to School with Ice-Breaker WebTools

Summer holiday is already over and it’s school time for many of us again. If you are thinking of integrating technology into your lessons this year,  here are some ideas to start the new year with some techie icebreaker and warmer tools.

Ask children to create their biographies on Animoto which is a video maker with music, text, pictures and transitions. 

Symface is a cute tool to express your emotions changing the face expression of an animated emoticon and writing why you feel like that.  Let the children create their own symfaces and talk about their feelings on coming back to school.

Create a Vyou video and let children ask you questions about you or the lesson. Encourage children to create their own videos, brainstorm about the questions that children can ask each other in the classroom. Listen to the questions and the answers in the classroom when they are ready. 

TodaysMeet is a backchannel room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions and many more. Create a room in TodaysMeet. While each child is introducing themselves, the rest asks questions on the backchannel.

Use Wordle or it’s alternatives for introduction activities. Create a Wordle with the children’s names to welcome them in class or create a cloud of classroom rules with them. Motivate children to create a Wordle about themselves  including their ages,  family, hobbies and their favorites. Show each Wordle in class and ask children to guess who that Wordle belongs to. You can also create a Wordle with some key words about you and ask children to guess what each word represents. Children will love to learn more about you!!

Ask children to keep an online dairy of their first week at school. They can talk about their feelings, what their plans of the new year, their aims and their expectations. Use Penzu or MyDiary for this. At the end of the school year, let the children read their diaries that they have written at the beginning of the year.

Create an avatar using Voki and record your voice while introducing yourself. Encourage children to create their own speaking avatars talking about themselves. You can also choose an avatar with children to use it as a class mascot during the year.

Create a private online social network with Yammer which brings Twitter and Facebook together. Ask children to introduce themselves, talk about their summer holidays, post pictures, decide on the classroom rules.

What about creating  a collaborative online board using Wallwisher or LinoitChildren can add their pictures and their texts about their summer holidays. They can also write about themselves and read each note and try to guess who that person is.

Use Tricider as a brainstorming tool where children can answer the questions and also vote for each other’s statements or where they can go against them writing why. Ask questions to children and decide on the classroom rules all together.  

Create a quiz slide show about you or your lesson with Photopeach where you can include music, pictures and text. This is an another way to talk about school, rules, ourselves and our lessons.

Create a quiz with EasyTestMaker to see what the children remember from the previous years. 

Ask children to interview each other using a simple voice recording tool, Vocaroo

Online surveys or polls can be an interesting and a fun way to get to know our kids better, to learn their opinions about school,learning English or what activities they enjoy doing in class. SurveyMonkey and PollDaddy can be two good choices.

You can start a talk group using Voxopop.You can talk about yourself or ask questions to the kids that you want them to talk or start a discussion on any topic. Voicethread can be an alternative to Voxopop. If you have given the children a book report assignment for the summer, you can ask them to leave their comments on Voicethread by using different commenting styles. 

Enjoy the new year …

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