Cool Tools #4 iFakeText

iFakeText is a tool to create fake screenshots of an iPhone text message. You simply write your name, then choose an operator and write your text in the box that is provided. When you click the link “Create your Screenshot”, it provides you the picture that you see on the left.  When it is ready, you can screenshot it or you simply share it with others via different social networking platforms or with a link.

 Here are some ideas on how we can use this tool with our students:

Children can make two characters from a book to text each other.

Two famous people can text each other.

Children can create short poetry using this tool.

We can provide some part of the text and ask children to write their guesses of the other person’s answers.

Children can practice a dialogue, or questions and answers.

We can provide children the conversation and ask what has happened before and after.

We can use this tool to explain the meaning of a vocabulary.

It can also be a good idea to use this tool to practice advices or suggestions.

I believe, it is a cool tool to practice writing activities with our students in a fun way. As our children love texting each other,this can be a fun tool to bring in the classroom.


  1. Crystal

    How do you make longer dialog appear on paper? I want the kids to print it out to create a poster, but only about 6 text messages will appear and the remainder is cut off… Is there a wayo to print longer messages?

  2. angelina dom

    yola its working excited to work on this more and more for useful purposes very nice post thanks for sharing.

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