Stories in Flight: Flickr Poet

If you are a fan of Flickr tools, here is another one that you may find interesting and very creative. This tool is called FlickrPoet. It lets you create a visual representation of your words with pictures that are taken from Flickr itself.

Write a text, a sentence, a poem, some lyrics or even just a few random words and then click “Show Story”. The tool will find matching photos on Flickr based on a search of tags, titles and descriptions of the photos. If you do not like the pictures, click on “Show Story” button again to find new pictures that will go with your story. When you finish it, you can share your story with others via different networking tools.  Just like other Flickr tools, this one is fun to play with.

Here are some ideas to use this tool in education:

Ask children to write a poem about a topic and create their stories with this tool.

New Year is coming, ask your children to write New Year old for each other.

Children can create a summary of a story using key words.

Before introducing a new topic, create a FlickrPoet with the key words and brainstorm about the topics.

Create a FlickrPoet with some words and ask the children to create a story using these words.

Imagine the other possibilities that you can create with this tool! This is just fun!!


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