Record Your iPad Screen (App)

EduCreations is an app that lets you turn your iPad screen into a whiteboard while capturing everything that you do on your iPad screen and recording your voice at the moment. Simply, this app lets you create video lesson and share them on the web with others.  You can add your handwriting and drawings, add text and photos from your albums, animate images by dragging them around while recording your screen. You can pause your recording and resume anytime. You can undo and redo your actions. When you finish, you can share your lessons via mail, Facebook or Twitter. You can also embed them on your blog or website. This app is free and available on iPad.

There are two different accounts; Teacher and Student. Teacher accounts can create, view and share lessons, send lessons via email to a selected group whereas student accounts can view the lessons in their subscribed courses.

This app is just amazing to use in so many different ways. Here are some of them:

You can explain any topic that you like by using this app to your students.

This tool is great for listening activities; teachers can take screencaptures of the new vocabulary that they are going to cover that week.

Teachers can create the summary of their lessons and share their lesson notes with the students.

Teachers can record themselves while telling a story and ask questions to the students to answer.

You can even collaborate with your students in the classroom. You can ask your students to comment on the pictures that you are going to show them by recording themselves.

Prepare the story pictures before and ask your students to record their voices for the pictures as you show them. This way, this app can be a storytelling app as well!

This is a cool app for listening activities as well creating creativity of the teacher and the students.

Stay tuned for more apps for screencasting!


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