Vocabulary Practice with EasyDefine

If you are looking for a way to practice vocabulary with your students, here comes a very effective web tool  that will help you to save your time. It is EasyDefine

It helps you to create your own word list to share it with your students or create different activities with a few clicks. After writing a list of words that you would like to work with your students, EasyDefine generates their meanings. If you like, you can print them out and share it with your students or you can send it as an email to your students to be more eco-friendly. 

This is not the only thing that we can do with this web tool. There are many extras that you can try with your students. For example, you can generate the synonyms of the words that you have chosen. You can create an online quiz for the students so that they can try their vocabulary knowledge. The quizzes can be true/false, multiple choice, synonyms matching, definition matching etc. Easy Define also lets you generate flashcards which you can print out to play many different games with your students. The tool also gives us the chance to create different types of vocabulary worksheets with the words that we have written. They can be definition matching, true/false or multiple choice activities. It really saves a lot of time as EasyDefine does everything for us.

How to use it in education:

Just let the parents learn about that web tool so that they can create activities to practice English with their children at home. They don’t even have to know a word of English to be able to use that web tool.

If you want to create some extra work for your students, generate different lists and activities, take them to class with you. Give them to the early finishers to complete.

This tool is completely free and easy to use. It’s sure to be a favourite on my list! 


  1. icaltefl

    I tried this but learning lists of words (even with activities) is rather old fashioned. Surely the best way to teach and learn vocabulary is by placing it in context?

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