A to Z Web Tools: T (Part 1)

In A to Z web tools series, we are coming to the end. The letter is:T

TheStoryStarter is a simple but an effective tool that generates story starters.

TodaysMeet is a back-channel room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions and share ideas.

Textivate allows you to automatically generate multiple different exercises using the text that you have provided, ranging from fill in the blanks, missing words to scrambled sentences.

Take Me Back.to is a time machine tool that will take you to the past and tell you what happened on that day.

ThankUz is a tool to write online “Thank you” card and send it to others.

Tricider is a brainstorming tool where children can answer the questions and also vote for each other’s statements or where they can go against them writing why.

Twurdy lets you find texts that suit your students’ readability level.

Tinypic is a free image hosting site where you can upload your pictures and get a link for that to share it with others.

Toondoo lets you create your own comic strips.

TinyLists is a tool to create a sign up list or a to do list.

TextLayOut is a tool to create a heart or a maze that are shaped with the words that you have written.

Text2Speech is another free online text to speech converter.

Tikatok is an online platform to write, illustrate and publish online stories.

Twiddla allows you to mark websites, graphics and photos or you can use a blank canvas to brainstorm.

Tgether allows you to communicate in small groups by emails.

Timetoast is another site to create time lines and share them on the web with others.

TimeGlider lets you create your web-based timeline software to create and share history and project plans.

Stay tuned.


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