Animated Videos with Wideo

If you like creating animated videos, here comes a new web tool. That is Wideo!

They are still trying Beta, but it is still cool animating videos with it. When you sign up, you go to you storyboard where you will be creating your videos. By clicking on the circle on the left hand corner, you can add backgrounds, objects, characters, text and sound to your animation. You can make the objects animate and change their sizes by clicking on them. You can preview what you have done on your timeline at the bottom of the page or you can see the scenes separately and change their places. When you finish, you can publish your video on different social networking websites or get the link.

How can we use it in education? Here are some ideas:

Students can animate the dialogues that they have written.

Students can be assigned to create short stories.

Students can create animated cards for birthdays or New Year’s time.

Students can create party invitations using different characters and styles.

I really like this tool and hopefully, they will add more features in near future.


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