Create Customizable QR Codes

I had mentioned about how to integrate QR codes in our education in this post. I see them as the easiest and a fun way of integrating mobile technologies in the classroom.

There are many QR code generators around the web. Today, I would like to introduce you Unitag. This one is just like the rest of the QR codes where you can create your own QR code from a link, text, sms, geolocation or a calendar. However, Unitag gives you the chance to customize your QR code freely. There are many templates that you can choose to use, you can play with the colors of the code or the background. You can replace the QR code’s colour with a picture or you can create shaded colours. You can play with different looks of your code. You can even add a logo in the middle or you can use the ones that are already on Unitag. You can also change the eyes of the code. (the shapes  that are in the corners of the code) When you are done, you can download or share it via different social networks.

Don’t forget to use a QR reader to read what is hidden in code! Enjoy the limitless and fun activities that you can create with and for your students.


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