Create Text Activities with Textivate

If you are a busy teacher and if you have been looking for an easy way to create interactive and fun text activities that you can do with your students, here is Textivate!

Simply, copy and paste the maximum 500 words text that you would like to generate your activities with. Click to “Textivate Now” button to see a wide range of activities that you can generate automatically by simply clicking on them. The activities are varied, such as drag and drop,hangman, fill in the blanks, put the text in order, memory game and many more. When you are done, you can share your activities with a link or embed them to your blog/website. You can play with Textivate on IWB or with your tablets as well.

Here are some ideas to use in class:

Create your own activities and ask your students to answer them individually or in groups.

Divide the class into two and they compete each other while answering the questions. 

Let students create their own activities and share them with the rest on a blog or a website. 

I really like this tool as it is easy, flexible and functional! And it’s only a matter of choosing the right exercises for the level of your students.


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  2. Philip

    Since you like textivate, you might also enjoy Learnclick is similar to textivate in that you can create quizzes based on a text (like cloze tests, drag & drop, etc). With you can control yourself, which words you want as a gap word, you can format your text and insert images and videos. You also get detailed statistics of how well your students performed.

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