Poetry with Technology

Poems have several uses and benefits in English language teaching and learning. They are thought-provoking, often humorous and they certainly add a motivational buzz to our classes. If you would like to add some tech into your lesson through poems, here are my recommendations:

Concrete Poetry lets you choose or draw a picture on the screen, then drag and drop the words to fill in it that the tool gives you. When you are done, you can print it out.

MagneticPoetry is a kit that gives you a white canvas to drag and drop the given words. You can get more words and start over whenever you like. when you are done, you can share your poem via mail. 

AiPoem is a great automatic poem writer. Choose a favor and answer the questions that the tool asks you. The tool generates the poem by itself with adding your own words. When you finish, mail your poem or publish it to your website. 

Acrostic Poems helps you step by step to write your acrostic poem. Choose your topic and then brainstorm about your topic and write them on the screen. Then, you move to a screen where you write your acrostic poem with the words that you have brainstormed. You are ready to print or share it via mail  now.

Poetry Idea Engine is great for creative poem writing. You start choosing the type of poem that you would like to write. It gives you a short description of the genre. You select the words to complete your poem. When you are done, you can print it out or try another one.

Piclits is a web tool for inspired picture writing. You simply choose a picture, then by dragging and dropping the words on the picture, you can create your poem. when you are done, share your poem via mail, or post it on social networking tools. 

WordMover is an app that helps children crate their poems. On the app, you select the given words to drag and drop on the canvas to create your poem.  You can add your own words, and you can choose different canvas backgrounds. 

 and here is my favourite poem by Taylor Mali, “What Teachers Make”!

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