Picture a Story

There are hundreds of web tools and apps that are available for digital storytelling. Picture A Story is one them and this tool can be added to your favorites list. This is a tool to create your own digital stories by adding different elements and recording your voice over it.

First, you start by choosing your genre from adventure, fairy tales, comedy, horror, western .., then choose your background, drag and drop your characters on the scene, add as many props as you like. You can also play with their sizes. When you are done with this, you writer your story and then record your voice by clicking on “record story” button.  Here, you need to allow the tool to use the computer’s microphone. If you are happy with your story, now you are ready to share it via mail.

Some ideas to use this tool:

A great way to define different genres to the students.

Each group can pick up a different genre, and they can rewrite the same story according to that. 

Students create their unique stories using this tool, then we can create some activities around their stories. 

We can choose the genre and give a story starter to the students and ask them write accordingly.

This tool is great for generating creative ideas, practice speaking and writing skills.


  1. emigedik

    I really like your posts and also there is one more site,I think you also like it, named “Storybird”. Take a look, please :)

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