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QuoteCovers can be my favorite web tool this year so far.  It does a very simple thing but in a very clever and an easy way. 

It turns any ordinary text into a beautiful typography art picture for use on Facebook, Google Plus, E-Cards, Wallpapers, and Prints.

First, you need to choose your quote. You can search the database of the web tool that has more than 2,500 pages of quotes or write your own text to use. You next step will be to choose your editor. Then, you can customize your picture in many different ways. You can upload a picture at the background and use effects on it. You can choose different and creative font combinations by simply clicking on the “next fonts” button. You can do the same thing for choosing the font color and the background. When you are done, you can download your picture.

This tool is really fun!!

How to use it in class:

Students can find fonts that are related to your topic and they create their own posters and share them with their friends. They can vote for the best design/quote.

We, teachers can create our own posters to peak 
learn about the new topic.

This tool can be great for deciding on the classroom rules at the beginning of the year. Each group can create their own posters about the classroom rule that they have chosen. 

You can inform students about an upcoming event using this tool. 

Students can create book covers or an advertisement about a film with their words.


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