Add Text to Your Images

aJust like the QuotesCover, here is another fantastic web tool for creating images with your own texts. It is called PinWords.

Pinwords lets you add text to the images in a beautiful way and share it with others. If you like , you can choose one of the backgrounds that it offers or you can upload your own images from your computer or your Facebook account. Then, choose your text style, play with the fonts and the colours, edit your text. When you finish, you can tweet it, mail it or you can download the picture to your desktop.

The best part is that you don’t need to sign up to be able to use that tool.

How we can use this tool with our students:

Students can create virtual postcards to send to each other.

Students can find quotes about their topics and design pictures.

Students can write their favorite quotes from a book or a story that they read.

Students can write short poems about a topic.

Teacher can give one picture to each child and students can label or tag them with as many words as they can come up.

I am in love with this tool!


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