Create Fake Siri Messages


If you have heard of Siri, you know that it is one of the features of iPhone, she is a program who has her own personality and humor.

Here is a pretty cool and a fun web tool to create fake Siri messages. Simply, go to the web tool, write your text, and don’t forget to write “Me:… or Siri:…” at the beginning of your sentences. It gives you an image file of your fake conversation, just like it would appear on your phone. You can download, get a link or get the embed code for your blog.

Here are some ideas on how we can use this tool with our students:

Give students a topic and ask them to create Siri messages about that topic.

Give the Siri messages blank and ask children to complete them.

Give the Siri and a famous person’s dialogue in a jumbled order and ask students to put them in order.

Make Siri give advices or recommendations to children.

Write an idiom and ask students to be Siri and answer it in a humours way.

If you like this tool, try also creating fake text messages.

Image Source: ShutterStock





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