QR codes with Voice

chartI am a big fan of using QR codes with students. They are fun, engaging and you can hide pictures, links, audio, text in QR codes and create many activities. Here is another QR code maker that I have come across today.

QR voice is a qr code maker with a text to speech application hidden in it. You simply write your sentence, choose your langauge. (It has nearly all spoken languages)  and Qr Voice turns your text into an audio. Then you can download it and share it with other.

Here are some ideas to use this in class:

Create the QR codes of a story and hang them around the class. Ask students to walk around, decode the codes and try to put the story in the right order.

Students can create QR codes by writing a different ending to a story that you have read. Hang them around, students walk around and choose the best and the most creative QR code.

Ask students to create QR codes and leave messages for specila days. It can be done for birthdays.

Create the QR codes of a dialogue and students decode and put the dialogues in the correct order.

For more ideas, please read:  

Hmm .. QR Codes

Stay techie!


  1. nancy wimbush

    Fantastic post. Thank you for your clarity. Nice user friendly info and resources for teachers.

  2. NickVacco

    Check out our web site scanmysticker.com. It started out to be a social media site for college students using qr codes. We really never rolled it out but I think it has potential, what do you think?

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