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IMG_0211“A non-native English teacher and a very fast-talker!

Hi! Welcome to my blog!

I am a 30+ year old English teacher, ELT author, freelance teacher trainer and educational consultant in teaching young/very young learners, teaching with web based technologies; for international organizations, schools and institutes.

Currently, I am working as the foreign languages department technology integration specialist at a private school in Istanbul, Turkey. I am also teaching in a 1:1 iPad classroom with 4th graders.  I am also co-designing and moderating online training courses for teachers at my school.    

For the last eight years, I have involved in several projects with pioneer publishers and educational institutions. If you would like to learn about them, continue reading. 

I have worked as the content and the project developer of the ‘Smurfs ELT Series’ which features the Smurfs characters to teach English to young learners. The series are in three levels including 18 readers, 18 workbooks, interactive activities, parents’ guide, posters and teachers’ materials. 

I am the writer of ‘Minigon’ ELT book series which include ten stories, two activity books for the two different volumes and the parents’ guide. I have also written the songs and composed two of them. 

I am the writer of the ‘My First Digital Journey’ e-book which is published by the Round.

I am the educational coordinator of ‘Yes I Speak English‘ DVD series that are designed to give EFL children a jump- start in English. I’m also the script and screenplay writer of these DVD series. I have also designed and developed two activity books with teacher notes that accompany the series.

I have designed and developed resource kits for stories that are written by well-known children’s storybook writers from Turkey and the UK for British Council.

At the moment, I am working on an online e-book readers and a gamification project with one of the leading publishing companies in Turkey. 

Also I have involved several projects with my students. We have created the very first cartoonvery first digital games series and very first mobile application that are drawn, colored, animated and dubbed by kindergarten children in the world. 

I and my colleague Demet Küyük have released our very first app which is the first story series of Lily’s Adventures

I have also worked as an ITDI Associate and an edtech blogger on Techlearning.

I’m the author of this blog where I write about teaching English through technology and web tools and applications to help educators to develop themselves. My blog has been ranked in the 50 Best Blogs for Education Leaders, in the Top 50 Education Technology Blogs, in the Top 50 Blog for e-Learning Tools and Tips as well as nominated for various different Edublogs Awards over the years.

You can find me posting on this blog or TechLearning with regular updates.

Read about my awards/nominations here, my projects here, my mobile applications here and the conferences that I am involved in here.

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  1. David Chan

    Wow, what an impressive site (referred from Tech and Learning) and doubly impressive that you’re so young (20+?)! Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Prashant Parekh

    hi Özge, its nice to know a young lad like yourself is taking a pro-active approach and cares about teaching English to children from different parts of the world.
    You have some interesting projects underway, I’m in China i have been here 1 year now, and its been the most amazing and eye awakening experience i hope to continue on developing on to another destination. after gaining good experiences here, just finding it difficult on where to head next. will be nice to know more on your background and how you got to where you are now.

    take care

  3. zeynep aykut

    hey Özge,

    what a nice site you’ve prepared, congrats!
    I totally appreciate what you did, you ‘ve done and you re doing in terms of teaching English to young learners and your very useful tips for teaching&learning English.

    I also have a look at http://ozgekaraoglu.wikispaces.com/ but when I have more time, I’ll have a more detailed look.

    I am also a 24 year old English teacher, graduated from Kocaeli University and getting prepared to begin my teaching career in a primary school.

    looking forward to your new teaching tips


  4. Clifton Roberts

    Hello Özge,

    I think what you are doing is simply awesome! You have an infectious and inspiring soul.

    You are absolutely beautiful inside and out!

    Keep it up!


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  6. Busem Doğan

    Hi Özge!
    This is my 1st year of teaching and I work with young learners.. I thought it was really difficult when I first entered my class. I didn’t know what to do, tried to speak English, I couldn’t even look them in the eye.. Then I realized that teaching is not even close to being a good student in college..It is beyond that.. When I started to search a source of inspiration I found you!! and other inspirer educators like you!! I’ve learnt so much from you all!! decided to be a lifelong learner..
    I just want to thank you for being a lifesaver and a good source of inspiration.
    Hope we’ll meet one day..
    It is great to follow you :)
    Kindest regards and many thanks,

  7. ozge

    Dear all,
    Thanks for your nice words, they are all very much appreciated! I would like to thank your for your support and looking forward to meeting you f2f or online!!

  8. pelin

    hi özge,
    I was in the depths of despair when I found your blog.I’m 23 year old teacher and this is my first year of teachıng.I want to work for a state school and change something there because things are geting worse each day.you made me think a little bit more about my future career…
    you have created a good model for me;)

  9. Frederick Lee Brooke

    Hi Äzge, this is a really great site and you are obviously doing great work. Congratulations! I have been to Istanbul 3 times ve Türkçe ögreniyorum … only problem is finding the time to practice speaking! Good luck and keep up the good work. Take care,


  10. Dusica

    Dear Özge,

    thank you for the wonderful presentation you gave in Sava Center, Belgrade.
    You provided us with lots of useful sites, and inspired us to use more technology in the process of English teaching.
    Inşallah yakında tekrar sohbet edeceğiz :)
    Sevgilerimle Dusica

  11. Debbie King


    I’m a development editor at Cambridge University Press. There’s a link to your Bubble and Pebble animation project on our company website today, and I just wanted to say that it was a joy to play it and hear those children speaking English! Well done, and best of luck to you!


  12. Dr Sabatin

    This my first visit to your website,but it will never be the last.I have a PhD in applied linguistics and I have A presentation in the Third EFL conference in April I hope to see you ,

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  16. Vince Mc Daniel

    I assume this is Ozge who created the “My E portfolio”. so thank you, I use the video each year to inspire my 9th and 11th grade students when starting their Digital Portfolios.

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