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Lily’s AdvAvailableOnAppStore_ipad150entures With Colors is an interactive app that aims at teaching young learners to teach and practice colors with a fun story and three different interactive games. You can also download Leo’s Adventures With Colors

The Smurfs ELT Readers


The Smurfs ELT readers is a three level reader series for young learners with accompanying workbooks; featuring the lovable characters that live happily in Smurf Land. I have worked as the content and the project developer of these series for the official “The Smurfs” company and the licencor company, GNR Publishing  in Turkey. 


Stories For Schools for British Council


Some well known writers; Sevim Ak from Turkey and Sophie Smiley and Guy Bass from the UK have produced a series of 12 stories on themes of interest to young learners. I, Merve Oflaz and Aylin Köyalan designed and developed resource kits for these stories. You can download the kits here.

‘My First Digital Journey’ E-book

My First Digital Journey is my first e-book that I have co-authored with Jennifer Verschoor and has been published by theRound. This is an activity book for teachers of young learners willing to enhance their teaching with web based tools. Twenty free tools are clearly explained with sample tasks for teachers to do on their own to familiarize themselves with the tools and then activities for teachers to do in class with their learners.


My Apps on Android Market

My apps are also available on Android Market.


iPhone/iPad App for YL & VYL

Dictionary by Kids is an an interactive, hand drawn animated book for young and very young learners.  It is compatible with i-phone and iPad.

iPhone/iPad App for YL & VYL

Daisy, Drago, the Magic Wand” is an interactive, hand drawn animated book for young and very young learners.  It is compatible with i-phone and iPad.

iPhone/iPad App for YL & VYL

Daisy and Drago”  is an interactive, hand drawn animated book for young and very young learners. It is compatible with i-phone and iPad.

iPhone/iPad App for YL & VYL


Bubble and Pebble ” is an interactive, hand drawn animated book for young and very young learners. It’s the very first mobile application in the world that has been drawn, colored,animated and dubbed by children. It is compatible with i-phone and iPad.

“Yes, I Speak English” Series

 Yes,I Speak English” is a two part DVD series that has been designed to give a jump start to English.DVDs have been specially designed  for YL and VYL. This is a three year project that is based in the USA.  I have worked as the educational and the content/script writer of the DVDs. The DVDs were launched in July 2011 and available on Amazon. We have also just published two activity books that include fun pages to use with your students in the classroom. Each book includes detailed lesson plans for each fun-page.

“Minigon” Reader Series for YL and VYL

minigonMinigon is a ten-level preschool and primary course for young and very young learners of English from beginners to elementary level. This course was first published by Macenta Publishing & Media in 2011. I have worked as the writer, content and the educational coordinator of these reader series. I have also written the songs and composed three of them. I have also written a handbook for parents to revise Minigon series with their children at home. Also, the activity books for each Volume were published in 2012. 

“Bubble and Pebble” Digital Games for YL and VYL

digitalPlay and Learn With Bubble and Pebble” is a series of digital games that have been drawn, colored, animated and dubbed by kindergarten children. These are the very first digital games in the world that have been created by children for other children. This project was rewarded with “Highly Commended” award in MEDEA Awards 2010, with “Microsoft Outstanding Teachers Award/Runner Up” award in e-Learning Awards 2011 and with the “New Writing Award” by ESU and Cambridge University Press in 2012. 

“Daisy and Drago” Animation 

daDaisy and Drago” is an educational cartoon that is drawn, colored, animated and dubbed by 6 year old children who are learning English as a foreign language. This film was rewarded with “Creativity and Innovation” award in MEDEA Awards 2009 and came as second in Children’s Film Festival in 2009.

“Daisy,Drago and the Magic Wand” Animation

diasyDaisy, Drago and the Magic Wand” is the second part of the cartoon series that has been created kindergarten children.


“Bubble and Pebble” Animation 

bubbBubble and Pebble” is the last part of the cartoons series that has been created by kindergarten children. This project was awarded with Highly Commended Award 2011 by MEDEA Awards.



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  1. Bill Pratt

    Are you still developing the A-Z Web Tools lists? I have looked at A-G but don’t see anything on your blog after G (posted in May).

    These are great lists. Pleas continue them.


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  4. Larry Broomfield

    Your A-Z tools have been extremely helpful in my classrooms. I have learned so much from your efforts and so have my students. Thank you.

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