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My Workshop

Last week, I did a workshop at Kultur College about technology. There were all teachers from different schools in Turkey. It is nice to see how teachers have started to become more aware of developing technologies.
At the beginning of my session (I think it was the third minute); one of the participants suddenly left the room with a very angry look at me. I think, she couldn’t find what she was looking for in the session but I still consider her action not polite but very rude. On the other hand that was a great experience for me and I can’t thank her enough for that because there are so many other people like her outside who doesn’t care about other people’s feelings or who underestimates others work and effort to be there. If I happen to experience the same thing the next time, I am ready to handle with it!
Here comes the digital divide… Teachers thinking that a 60 minute session will be enough for them to learn about EVERYTHING that they need to know about technology. Teachers who are too lazy to learn to use these tools to engage their students… Teachers who don’t get the message when you say ‘Engage your students, get them involved in their own learning process via internet’… Teachers who ask ‘They are only playing games on internet, how can we make them learn?’ … Digital divide … Between the teachers who use technology and the others who don’t!!