Creating Your Digital Self – How to tell your story of Deep Learning (Part 2)

past-present-future“An electronic portfolio has the potential to become a dynamic celebration of learning that documents a teacher’s professional development across his or her career.” (Helen Barret)

“Portfolios tell a story…put in anything that helps to tell that story.”(Pearl&Leon Paulson)

Portfolios are our way of telling OUR life-long success and inspiring stories that show our tie between our past and future. In fact, portfolios have been a ‘got to have one’ tool in the 21st century.

1. Ask & Answer

I guess the most difficult part while creating a portfolio is where to start. Here are my three questions that can help you to start thinking while you create your e-portfolio:

  • What have I collected up to now that tells the story of my past? (What did I study/What did I learn?)
  • What have I achieved that tells the story of my today? (What artifacts have I collected?/ What are my achievements?)
  • Where will I be going and where will I be telling my story in the future? (What are my plans for future?/Where do I want to see myself next year?/What are my short/long term plans?)

2. Collect

The second step can be to brainstorm what to include into your e-portfolio. Here are my suggestions:

  • Personal information (It can include your name,surname,marital status,where you were born etc., I guess it’s better not to display too much personal information on web as some people can use these information for other purposes)
  • Educational Background
  • Professional Development (The courses you have taken,conferences you have attended etc.)
  • Goals for future
  • Presentations,workshops,seminars you have done.
  • Projects
  • Recognition ,awards
  • Articles that you have written
  • Interests
  • Reflections (Your reflections on your personal development, interests, goals,your seminars and workshops, projects etc)
  • Pictures, slide shows and videos of you on the job.
  • Links to your websites,blogs.
  • Snapshots of your achievements.


After collecting all your items that are evidences of what you’ve learned and achieved, you can select the best ones that show and demonstrate your competence. It can include the videos, slide shows or podcasts that you have created or  the projects you have completed, your award widgets, your links to your blogs or other web pages …

4. Reflect

Reflection is the soul of a portfolio. You should think and comment on the items that you have selected to demonstrate your learning from those experiences, in a way reflecting and showing others why what you know, what you do and what you have achieved is important to you.  (I use my blogs for reflection and blog about my experiences, achievements, courses I’ve taken or given, projects I’ve involved.)

5. Connect

Now, you can start thinking how and where to connect all the items (personal, professional, interests, work,community…) together and which web tools you are going to use to tie them together. Here are some of my suggestions where to connect :

More connectors to come on Part 3…


  1. Shelly Terrell


    Another wonderful post! Warning people about posting too much information is great advice. I have heard that identity theft occurs this way.
    Your e-portfolio is incredible and I hope mine will be half as wonderful as yours!

  2. Barbara Sakamoto

    I was in awe of your e-portfolio when you first shared it for our Becoming a Webhead 2009 workshop–it’s so helpful to get a peek into how you put it together. Creating one for myself has been on my “to do” list ever since. Now that you’ve provided such clear steps, I begin to believe that I might actually make one 🙂


  3. ozge

    Thanks for the comment once more =)
    I’m sure your portfolio will be much better than mine. I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  4. ozge

    It may seem difficult when you decide to have an e-portfolio but once you start creating it, it turns to be the easiest and the most enjoyable thing to do because you are telling your own story!!
    And definetely,you should have one! and I’m looking forward to reading yours =)

  5. Janet Bianchini

    Hi Ozge

    Your blog post is a real inspiration for me. I would like to create an e -portfolio like yours, which is wonderful. I will follow your advice and tips and hopefully, in the not too distant future, I will have my own!

    Many thanks.


  6. ozge

    Hi Janet,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your e-portfolio, I’m sure it’s going to be a great one =)

  7. Karenne Sylvester


    Ozge I am so impressed with your e-portfolios and above all, that I had never even thought about making one myself.

    What a clever way to keep everything in one place, I am so spread out all over the web and this would be a super desktop for me so that I can get to things and a fantastic resource to share with others!

    I can’t wait to get started on compiling my own.

    Thanks so much for your inspiration.

    Although, I think I might need a bit of help making it look as attractive as yours though… intimidating 😉

    Take care,

  8. ozge

    I’m sure once you finish (though we will never be able finish cuz we’re learning and improving ourselves every day ), you will have one of the best portfolios. I’m so excited to hear that I’ve inspired you!
    I’m looking forward to reading your e-portfolio and RT it immediately =)

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