Get More out of Twitter with Twitter Apps. (Part 1)

judgementday“You are what you tweet”

“Suddenly, it seems as if all the world is a-twitter.” Newsweek

Twitter is my homepage, I start reading tweets or tweeting before I eat my breakfast, I have a cell-phone so I can tweet with it, I have printed my Twitter ID on my business card, I’ve figured out new ways to shorten words, I cheated on Facebook with all @’s and RT’s, I talk to my friends via Twitter, I read more tweets than I read blogs,  and I’ve already tweeted about this post while you’re still reading it. Am I addicted to Twitter? Yes, absolutely I am! I’m in, on, all over ,it!!and my name is @ozge (on Twitter).

What makes me more addictive to Twitter are the applications to enhance twittersphere! Here are my favourites:

TaTweet lets you describe future plans or events with date and time. It’s a social calendar and an event organizer.

MyTweetMap is a way to see the latest tweets from your friends on Google Map. You can also update your statues with this tool.

If you are making music, now it is time to tweet your song with TweetMySong.

Twtely lets you create a poll or a start a discussion on Twitter or you can use StrawPoll for creating easy polls.

You can track a conversation between two Twitter users via Bettween.

Twitlife allows you to share files, you can post files from your phone or through this application. You can also try TweetCube.

TweetRadio is the most interesting Twitter application for me. You can listen to tweets as if you are listening to an old radio transmission. Try out this tool, please!The motto is great! Have you heard the bird?

You can back up your tweets now with Tweetake. It’s good to see all your tweets together on a page. You can also add your Twitter feed to your Google calender with Twistory to make your Twitter history fun and useful!

You can tweet share your resume on Twitter with TwitRes and keep track of people views and feedback.

Pockets lets you leave a voicemail for anyone, once you send your voicemail, they will be notified with @reply.

TwitPaint allows you to paint your graffiti and share it with your followers.

140 characters not enough for you?Now, you can add up to 14,400 characters to a tweet via TweetExtend.

If you want to know when people share your links on Twitter. Tweetiator alerts you with a mail when you content is shared.

Do you wonder where your Twitter friends are from? HereBeTwitters shows your friends on a Google map. Don’t miss this tool!

Do you remember your very first tweet? If you don’t, check it out with MyFirstTweet or TwitterStorm. If you have more than 3200 tweets, you won’t be able to use these apps for some reasons but you can learn who was your first follower via FirstFollower or WhenDidYouJoinTwitter or learn how much your Twitter is worth with TwtValue.

Twitzee lets you send out tweets without using your Twitter account.

You can share pictures, videos and images with Tvider or use TweeTube to share pictures & photos, YouTube videos, website URLs and more.

TwitterTimeline lets you view your Twitter feed on a timeline.

You can record your voice to Twitter for 10 seconds via TwitSay, you can also use TwitterFone to send voice messages to Twitter.

Do you want to learn how happy your tweets are? Enter you name and learn it via HappyTweets

TwitTree lest you visualize your friends in a recursive tree. You can also @, RT or update your statue with this tool.

CollectiveLondon is a Twitter application where Santa tells if you have been naughty or nice this year searching your tweets. He told me “You’re nice and you deserve to jingle all the way!”.

You ask questions to LazyTweet to get answers. Just write @lazytweet before you ask your question!

history76157-thumbWith Twuffer, you can compose future tweets and schedule them to be tweeted later.

Twittionary is a Twitter dictionary with explanations of Twitter related words.

You can send virtual gifts to your twitter friends via TweSents.

I will be back with more Twitter applications. Till then, Happy Tweeting!!

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