My Faves of the Week (Week 8)

Do not miss these favourites:

plogo_udemy_udemy logo 600x200

Udemy is a site that lets you create an online course or a webinar. You can use videos, powerpoints, documents, articles, links. If you have a ready content, you can instantly upload it to Udemy. You can also upload content from Youtube, Flickr, Scribd or Slideshare. You can also enrich your online sessions using video, audio, white board, presentation and chat.

picsviewr-comYou can turn your photos into visual presentations with PicsViewer. It provides different templates to showcase your pictures. Splashr is a similar tool to present your photos, you can create slide shows in a minute.

madeupmemories-comMadeupMemories lets you customize videos by putting your personal pictures. You can choose to be a princess, a toy, a superhero! Just choose your video, upload your picture and publish it. You can also download it to your computer and keep it on your desktop forever!


Codeorgan is a site that analyses any web page and translate its content into music. Just copy and paste your URL and let it play!

Picture1You can create sticky notes instantly with Noterr. You can change the colour of your notes, add links and send them to your friends.

Picture1Stiqr is one of the best tools I’ve ever seen. The things you can do with it just is limitless. This tool lets you to create and design your website with sticking pictures. You don’t have to upload or download anything. The only thing you need to do is to embed the code to your website. Let’s give this tool a try!

Picture1Board800 is a multi user shared interactive whiteboard with simultaneous access and drawing capabilities. It lets you add as many as you want. Users can use each page independently, and each user can see the changes on each page. It also supports rich text editing and you can save your drawing as a png file.

Stay tuned!

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