Looking Back to 2010 …

2010-2011 The end of 2010 is fast approaching and another year has passed in a split second. Now it’s the time to look back and look forward to the future and a time for a  fresh, clean start!

 Many of us are thinking about new decisions, turning over a new leaf or making resolutions for the new coming year. Today, let’s look back to 2010! What have you done? What have you missed?

Are you still not blogging? It’s the best way to keep your ideas organized, keep pace with the changing world, leave your footprints to the digital world and hit the trenches. It is the best way to start an online presence!To blog is a way to realize what you think, what you achieve and what you want to do in the future because it is reading, thinking, reflecting, writing, connecting, learning and more than that. And you can only realize it when you write your first post, get your first comment.

2010 has been the year of micro-blogging tool, Twitter. It has become the mainstay of professional development and collaboration. In a second, you can easily access a steam of great ideas, links, opinions, feedback and resources from global professionals. We, educators have understood that together we are much better! And are you still NOT tweeting? You must be kidding!!

 As we are constantly networking with one another, conferences have extended virtually beyond the walls. This year, there have been great online conferences, courses, free and online opportunities for the teachers who want to improve themselves. K12onlineconference, SEETA, WikiEducator, Electronic Village Online, VirtualRoundTable, ReformSymposium, MoodleCourse and Eltchats on Twitter are only some of them.

What cool conferences have you been to this year to improve yourself, get inspired and get new ideas from others? Have you presented any of them to inspire others, share your enthusiasm,your work, your experience, knowledge? If you are going to be a presenterSteal this Presentation or You Suck at Powerpoint!   

As the internet is growing at an exponential rate, Web 2.0 is still one of the most famous term among educators. Though many of the tools haven’t been designed to use in education in mind, they can still be  be used to empower, engage learners and create new exciting opportunities for them to learn and explore. Have a look at these blogs to explore Web 2.0 tools before the year ends.

Have you ever googled your name? There is too much information that is floating around on cyber space and it’s important what other people can learn about you and what information they can access once they search for your name. To make your reputation better before the year finishes,  you can create social network profiles, online resume, blog, leave comments and do not publish anything that you may regret when other people see or read it!  

The web makes copy-paste so easy that anyone can copy your content or your work. As the number of blogs and websites are growing, copyright has become an important issue for all of us who are sharing information. 2010 is the year to learn your rights and licence your work. You can learn about it here and also read about 10 Big Myths about copyright here.  Invest yourself today with Creative Commons and don’t forget “Stealing is easy: Being original is hard!” =)

 Have you said something nice to someone recently? Have you put a smile on some one’s face? Do it please! Praise others for the works they have done! Leave comments for the posts they have written! Encourage others to achieve more!

Have you seen mistakes as opportunities and considered new options and new paths this year? Are proud of yourself? You should be!! Do not underestimate your ability and power to inspire others and never ever let anyone discourage you! You are unique and special!

Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.

“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” – Edith Lovejoy Pierce

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