Image result for youglishWhen we are not sure about how to pronounce an English word, we look it up in the dictionary or more preferably we look it up on an online one. And; my forever favorite online talking dictionary is the HowjSay. It’s great to hear the pronunciations of the word, but of course it would be best to hear the word in a context to make it more meaningful for the learners.

Youglish is a tool that gives you the English pronunciation of English words by using YouTube videos of native speakers in a meaningful content.  Just type the word/s that you would like to hear. You can choose UK, US, AUS or all pronunciations. Then, the tool finds you the video. As you hear the words, you can also read it from the transcripts.  You can also narrow down your search by the word, by class, by phrase class or by context. The tool also gives you tips on how to improve English pronunciation. You can also use the Restricted Mode to use them in the classrooms.

The tool allows our students to see and hear the words many times in various example sentences. And, this makes this tool more valuable to use. However, we should be careful about inappropriate words and adult content. It’s good to check the clips before viewing them in our classrooms.

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