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TeleStory & Toontastic Apps


My two favorite apps; TeleStory and Toontastic are gone completely free on AppStore with all their great features unlocked as they are both acquired by Google. 

TeleStory is a fun video creating app that uses the augmented reality video camera. The app gives you to a theme, background scenes, face costumes, cue cards and special effects to create your own TV show. The app allows you to write and record your story using different themes. You can sing a song in your band, you can report the news or you can go on a space adventure or a play in a spy movie. Using the augmented reality video camera, students can tell their stories with effects. This tool is amazing to boost the creativity skills. This tool will certainly motivate the students to speak and write in English!

Toontastic is another digital storytelling tool that lets you create your own animated films by drawing or choosing the characters and the setting. Then you just move the characters and props around on screen and record your voice. You can also add music by picking up an emotion at the end. Toontastic is sure to impact the creativity of the students and this is a great app to teach kids how to structure a story with different storytelling elements.

Write About – A New Storytelling Tool


I love storytelling and all the other tools and apps that will help our children to improve their creativity! And here is a brand new tool that we can bring to our classes: Write About

Write About includes many picture writing prompts for all level of students. After choosing your picture prompt, you can write your story or record your voice telling the story. Then you can share it or keep it private or save it as a draft to work on it later. You can also check what others have done by checking the gallery. Great for inspiring students and helping them to build their stories as well as improving their writing in English. 

As a teacher, you can also create an account and give your students your teacher codes. Like that, you can give them assignments and check what they have done. You can also download the apps on your Android or your IOS devices. 

Love this tool to pieces.

Story Wars – Write a Story Together

story-bookIf you are interested in digital storytelling, here is a web tool that you can give a try with your students this year. 

Story Wars gives you the chance to start writing a story and then share it with others to collaborate on writing it. After signing up, you simply click to start writing your story, when you finish, you can invite your others to contribute to your story. If you want, you can invite people from Facebook and Twitter too. Once another person has added to your story, it has to be approved by you or the others who has contributes to the story before it is added to the story. 

With this tool, students can start writing their stories and adding chapters to each others stories as well. Or we can start the story and ask students to add onto it. We can also ask students to contribute to the stories that has been started. Like that, we will make them read and then write on the stories. Great way to practice reading and writing, also a great way to facilitate creativity of our students.