Emoji Scavenger Hunt

Do your students like Scavenger Hunts? What about emojis? If your answers are yes to these questions and if your students can bring/use their phones or tablets to school, Emoji Scavenger Hunt is a fun AI- powered experiment that you can play on your phones or your iPads in the classrooms.

When you open the game on the browser, click on ‘Let’s Play’ button. Here, your students need to give access to their phone’s camera. When you allow the access, a countdown will appear. The game will show you an emoji such as a shoe, a keyboard, a hat, a hand etc. Your students need to walk around and find the real world pictures/objects of the emojis. Also, there is a timer. They need to find the emojis before the timer finishes. As you find each emoji, more seconds will be added to their timers.

This is a fun game to play in the classroom to tune in or to stir the students up for the next activity. When they finish, we can ask the students to write down the emojis that they have found and we can turn this activity into a word game. Then, we can ask them to write a story using their emojis.



Full Screen Messages with Gzaas

Gzaas! is a cool tool to allow you to create full screen messages on your computer and share it with your students in class or with others on web.

To use Gzass! you don’t need to log in. When you go to the tool, you can write your text and you can customize it by changing the fonts, colors, effects and backgrounds. When you are done, the web tool gives you a link to share it with others.

In the classroom, we can use this tool to make important announcements, as a tuning in question, a quote from an important person. We can use it as a bonus question or as an exit card question for the students.

Simple, yet powerful.


Androidify Yourself

Here is a great tool that lets you androidify yourself. We can download it as an app or you can go to the website and create your own androidify version. 

You can make your character tall, short, blocky, skinny or small in different colors. You can style your android self with clothes, accessories, shoes or phones. Then you can make your characters laugh, dance, play or do all sort of other moves. When you are done, you can share your Android self on social media or you can download it as a picture or as a gif to use it on a ppt or on a word document.

We can ask our kids to create their own Android characters and describe them. We can create various characters and and ask the kids to talk about their physical appearance and what they can do.

We can create a class mascot using this tool or we can create a character together with the kids. We can brainstorm about his/her character traits, where s/he lives; her/his likes and dislikes, abilities and disabilities. Then students can write a story about this android character. We can also ask our students to create android characters for characters in the stories that they are reading.