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Electronic Villiage Online

As it happens every year, Electronic Village Online Sessions will take place in between January 12- February 22. I have been looking forward to it for a year.I started joining these online sessions two years ago.This year will be my third and I can’t wait to start for it.In the last years’ sessions I’ve learnt a lot about technology and web 2.0 tools and how to use them in classes as well as how to use them for personal and professional development. I had started my e-portfolio a long time ago but these courses have helped me a lot to improve it.
What you is very easy.You start choosing your course that you think suitable for you. Then with a yahoo account, you become a member of the yahoo group, there are moderators that help you develop your ideas,present information, sum up everything for you. Every session has its own (pb)wiki. You can follow up everything easily. But I still insist on using feed items if you don’t want to lose anything. There are certain things that you read and complete online and do. If you are in trouble accomplishing the goals, there are always people there to help you to solve your problem.
Here you can find the website of this years’ online sessions schedule. I like all the topics and haven’t decided which ones to take. But I’m sure to take Become a Webhead session. I wish I had taken that session last year anyway..
Also there are two sessions that are led by Turkish teachers. I’m happy and jealous to see that people from Turkey take place in those kinds of events. I wish I had led a sessions too. I’ll remember this for next year…