ChatGPT – New Updates

Here are some small updates to improve our ChatGPT experience.

Prompt examples: At the beginning of a new chat, you’ll now see examples to help you get started.

Suggested replies: ChatGPT now provides helpful prompts for smoother conversation flow. With just a single click, users can now delve deeper into a topic, rendering interactions with the AI model more dynamic and versatile.

Upload multiple files: Ask ChatGPT to analyze data and generate insights across multiple files. (up to ten folders)

GPT-4 As Default Model: Users no longer default back to GPT-3.5 when starting a new chat. The system remembers the previously selected models, making interactions more seamless, efficient, and time-saving for added convenience.

Stay logged in: You don’t have to log in every two weeks. The new login page is more welcoming and user-friendly.

ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts: There is a complete list of shortcuts by pressing ⌘ (Ctrl) + /, enhancing productivity and making ChatGPT more accessible to all users.

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