Creating Your Digital Self – How to stand out from the crowd (Part 4)

interview_-_stand_outI would like to name this post ‘ How to stand out from the crowd ‘ because I want to tell you my story of how to stand out from the crowd!!

Have you ever thought of the digital footprint that you left in the online environment ? You can leave these prints by simply joining a website, writing a blog, commenting on some body’s post, writing and completing online information and in some cases by just connecting to a website. The best way to see what you’ve done or what your digital footprint looks like is to google your name! This is what most people will do with your name, checking your footprints online!!

I’ve started creating my e-portfolio three years ago and it has never ever been a complete one since then because you learn something new every single day and you need to change and edit it every day.

I decided to have one just because I thought it was going to be fun and I could use it instead of a paper based CV. When I first sat in front of the computer, I knew where to start: Wikispaces.!! Because it was the only and first Web 2.0 tool that I knew and we have had one that we have been using to collaborate with my colleagues at my school.  As far as I remember, I think organizing my thoughts was the most difficult part. I spent days thinking about the titles, choosing the colours, text, pictures,widgets etc., the least important things that you should deal with when you decide to have yours.

After spending my whole term holiday, I had one that I wasn’t very proud of;  but as I read, blog, interact,create, share, exchange and collaborate more, I have improved my self and my e-portfolio as well.

And exactly one year ago today, I got an e-mail from an American Film Company telling me that they would like to work with me on an interactive DVD project that aims at teaching EFL  and very+young learners English through games,songs,interactive activities, story and online activities & teaching. It seems like a joke at first, but it has turned out to be my dream that has come true!!

I’ve been working for Mindactiva which is a producer company of educational services and products, for almost a year as the educational coordinator of this DVD project also I’m responsible for writing the scripts and the screenplays and we are so close to launch our first DVD of  “Yes, I Speak English” series. The DVD will be the first one on the market as it is animated, interactive, with online learning/teaching courses and materials,video conferences and aiming at teaching EFL learners.

A month ago, I’ve been interviewed about the project by the company that will be on the DVD as well, you can see my pictures below, it was an exciting time because I’ve also met Daniel Bonjour who is an actor in Hollywood and one of the producers of the company and was interviewed by himself =)

I owe this to my e-portfolio! Because I am an English teacher in one of the school in Istanbul, Turkey and involving this project would just be a dream for me if I hadn’t left my digital footprint …
Yes, you’ve read my digital story of standing out from the crowd, what is yours?
(Me being interviewed in Istanbul, Turkey …)




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