My Faves of the Week (3)

Here comes the third part of my series. I hope you enjoy all the new favourites.

MybotI love all the Bots, they are the beginning of the Web 3.0. and Morpheus is the best bot I have ever found. It can speak, it can ask and answer questions, it can write back to your comments. It’s a great tool for reading, listening, speaking and writing. Just try it, you’ll love it!

scrapblog_logo_lowres[1]ScrapBlogis a great way to share photos and videos on a creative outlet. You choose from colourful and cute backgrounds, speech bubbles, frames. You can delete or edit anything you want to your scrapblog. You add your pictures, text or videos and you can make as many pages as you like.


Zimmertwins is my favourite digital storytelling tool ever! It’s cute and super easy to create cartoons. You have three characters. Eva, Edgard and 13 the Cat. There are many choices for the setting, emotions and actions. You drag and drop them and create your own movie. Please, watch this Zimmertwins video.


Vocaroois a site where you can record your voice. You can send the link or you can get the updated HTML code and embed it to your sites. There is no limit on message length.


bombay-tv-25092 BombayTVis a site where you can make your own subtitled Bollywood films. You choose your short movie and you create the subtitles and send it to others.  You can also record your voice instead of writing the subtitles. I had great fun playing with it, I’m sure you and your students will do too! There is also Classik TV where you can put different movies together with music effects and FuteBolTv where you write subtitles for football matches.


Posterous lets us post thing online fast using email. You send an email to  and they reply instantly with a new posterous blog. You can also attach any kind of media such as podcast, video or a file. They even resize your photos. They turn URLs to links. If you enter a Youtube  URL, they automatically turn it into a Youtube embedded video. It’s such a smart and easy way to post!


vozmeVozMe is a simple text to speech application. You write your text and choose male or female voice and you create your mp3. It’s a good activity to hear the correct pronunciation.

missMissUpload is a file hosting provider. You can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place. It’s a great way to share files, to send large files. You don’t have to carry your USB stick with you.


ImageExchange is a website that lets you upload and share images with anyone you want. Yoı can upload single images or entire albums stored in zip files. It will be assigned into a website that you can send the links to others.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         tag_galaxy[1]If you are bored of searching Google images and if you want to find the picture you are looking for on Flickr, have a look at Tag Galaxy. It has a very interesting interface. You and your students can have great fun while searching photos with tags.




  1. David Kapuler

    Ozge, great finds for this week. Zimmer Twins and Bollywood movies looks like a blast to try out. I also like that the Zimmer Twins has a section for teachers. It recommends having them use it w/out an account, but u can create a general login account for a class or supply each student account, but they do need to have an email address. I bet there is no filtering going on, but w/ the appropriate precautions I’m sure it would be ok.

    Thanks for all of your great work!!

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  3. ozge

    Thank you all for the comments =)

    Nick, I do spend like the 8 hours of my day online, reading and searching and writing and feel very guilty when I don’t =)

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