My Faves of the Week (4)

My forth week of my faves of the week,


PsykoPaint is an excellent photo painting tool. You can easily turn your photos into amazing paintings with a few clicks. Your pictures will never be the same!!

privnote Privnote let you sen notes that will self-destruct themselves after being read. You write your note, get a link and send it to the person you want to read the notes via mail. You can get a notification mail after the person reads the note. It’s also available in many languages.

forestle1Do you want to save the rain forests for free? Forestle is a green internet search engine that you can save 0.1 m² of rain forest free with your each search. Let’s go green everyone!!

skywrite-meYou can write remarkable messages on the sky of the World Wide Web with SkyWriteMe. It gives an extraordinary, glamorous touch by writing them into the Sky. Everyone sees the same messages who opens it and the messages at 5 minute intervals.


I love this collage tool! ShapeCollage is an automatic shape photo collage maker. It gets your pictures from different photo sharing or URL of the pictures and creates a photo collage that you can use on your blog, web pages or you can send them to people or create your own scrap blog with them. Have a look at the gallery, it’s amazing!!


PicsViewr is a free service that turns Flickr photos into stunning slide shows. It has numerous templates that showcase your photos. If you like this tool, you can have a look at Splashr as well.


I’ve learnt Acepela TV from Ana Maria Menesez who has sent me an text to speech thank you card with it. You choose your game from flowers to bunnies, fish or birdies and you write your text and they speak it for you! It’s a cute and funny text to speech site.

For more, you can check Shelly Terrell‘s Cool Sites Series!

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