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AI Story Generator: StoryPear

Have you heard about StoryPear Create!? It’s this really cool AI-powered audio story generator I’ve recently discovered that makes storytelling a piece of cake.

Here’s how it works: Pick a setting and characters for your story. There are three settings available for now. Then, you just let StoryPear Create! do its thing. The tool uses OpenAI GPT-3 to spin your choices into a unique story, which you can then listen to as an audio story.

Here is my story.

How can we use this tool:

  • Create stories with accompanying comprehension or True/False questions that can be used during classroom instruction or as homework tasks.
  • Have students look at the story’s characters, settings, problems, and solutions.
  • Let students think of new endings for the stories.
  • Present the story in a disordered sequence and then ask students to put the story in order.
  • Make different stories using the same characters and place. Have students analyze and draw comparisons between these stories.
  • Ask students to make a picture sequence for the story.
  • Have students write pretend diaries for each character.
  • Arrange for students to collaborate in pairs, writing emails to each other from the perspective of the story’s characters.

Ready to start your journey? Give it a try! Happy storytelling!

Books for Your Classrooms

Discovering high-quality books for your classroom can often prove challenging and expensive. Fortunately, several websites offer an extensive collection of free books that are ideal for classroom use.

In this blog post, I am excited to present you with a selection of websites where you can find free books perfectly suited for your classroom.

Storyline Online is a website full of picture books read aloud by actors, along with animations. You can also make the most of picture books by sharing their video versions!

Project Gutenberg is an impressive collection of over 60,000 free eBooks, this digital library offers a treasure trove of literary wonders. Each eBook is available in various formats, including the free ePub format and Kindle eBooks. This means you have the freedom to either download them for offline reading or read them online, catering to your reading preferences.

With Epic!, you can access thousands of books to share with their students for free. 

Open Library is a collaborative project with free books available to read online.

ManyBooks is full of resources in the public domain that you can download to read offline or read online.

By making use of these websites, you can easily access a wide range of free books for your classrooms.