AI Story Generator: StoryPear

Have you heard about StoryPear Create!? It’s this really cool AI-powered audio story generator I’ve recently discovered that makes storytelling a piece of cake.

Here’s how it works: Pick a setting and characters for your story. There are three settings available for now. Then, you just let StoryPear Create! do its thing. The tool uses OpenAI GPT-3 to spin your choices into a unique story, which you can then listen to as an audio story.

Here is my story.

How can we use this tool:

  • Create stories with accompanying comprehension or True/False questions that can be used during classroom instruction or as homework tasks.
  • Have students look at the story’s characters, settings, problems, and solutions.
  • Let students think of new endings for the stories.
  • Present the story in a disordered sequence and then ask students to put the story in order.
  • Make different stories using the same characters and place. Have students analyze and draw comparisons between these stories.
  • Ask students to make a picture sequence for the story.
  • Have students write pretend diaries for each character.
  • Arrange for students to collaborate in pairs, writing emails to each other from the perspective of the story’s characters.

Ready to start your journey? Give it a try! Happy storytelling!

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