Wheel Decide

shutterstock_227764819Wheel Decide is a web tool that will help you to make choices in your classroom easier. It lets you write your own choices and the wheel will show you the choices that you have written. Then, you can spin the wheel and you will get one of the choices that you have written.

This tool can be used as a student selector. Write your students’ names and find a random student to answer your questions or to present in the class.

Instead of writing the student names, we can write some target words that we want to study with our students. We can play spelling games, sentence formation or hot seat games. We can also write questions for kids to answer and they can work in pairs and answer the question that they have read.

Thanks to Yasemin Bayraktar for this cool tool! We learn everyday from each other!

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Short Text

Resim1Here is a simple and a very effective tool that we can use with our learners. Meet ShortText.

ShortText allows you post text online, with minimum fuss. You can also insert a picture and a video into your post as well. When you’re done, simply click on the create URL button to get your online page. You don’t need to sign up or sign in and this is what makes this tool more powerful to use with our students. 

You can also make your post private and allow comments which make interaction better. The only con is that once you publish your text, you won’t be able to edit it. You will have to create another page. It also has a Chrome extension and a Firefox Add-on that will make it easier to post for us.

This tool is great for instant blogging, writing an essay, creating party invitations, provide information on any topic, creative writing with a picture or a video, creating your one page website.

Hope you and your students enjoy!

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Sound of Text


Sound of text is an online text-to-speech tool that allows you to listen and download the MP3 audio from Google translate. Without signing up, simply type what you would like to hear, up to 100 characters. After hitting the submit button, you will be able to listen to what you have written in many languages.

This simple tool is a great way to practice speaking and writing in different languages, as well it will help us and our kids to practice spelling and pronunciation. 

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