Create Bingo Cards

shutterstock_180625418Here is a super cool and easy tool to create printable bingo cards for your students. Just go to this bingo card creator tool and then write the words that you want to see on your bingo cards. You csn write as many words as you want, you can also add a free space and even add a text there. You can decide on the number of the squares and how many different bingo cards that you want to create. When you are done, you can download and print your cards! 

Instead of words, you can also write questions and students can ask these questions to each other as well. Enjoy!

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Story Starter Tool

shutterstock_223014331I love storytelling and how they can promote creativity, imagination and inspiration in the classroom! If you would like to create and write your own stories with your students, here is a nice tool that you can use and suggest students to try at home as well!

Scholastic Story Starters is an online machine that randomly generates a story starter for you. You choose your theme, write your name and grade. Then spin the wheel to get story prompts. Your story starter can be ‘Write three wishes of a giant milkmaid whose tears turn things to stone.’  or ‘Write a mysterious message to a pleasant lion that has a jet pack.’ If you can like, you spin smaller wheels to change different parts of your story starter. 

The tool, then, lead you to start writing your story. You can choose to write a letter, a notebook, newspaper or a postcard. You can download or print your story when you are done.

If you have time to inspire your students today, spin the wheel in class and get your story starter. Your learners are sure to come up with many creative stories using these prompts.

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Create Fun Stories

shutterstock_261875912If you like MadLibs kind of activities in which you write words to substitute for blanks in a story, before reading; you and your students will love Wacky Web Tales.

The website gives you more than 50 titles that you can choose from. Later, you ask your students to fill in the missing words and parts of the speech. When you are done, the website generates the story with the prompts that you have written. It is sof un and easy to use. Here is one of the story that one of my students have created using this tool, enjoy!

Super Salad

To make the best book salad, you need fresh ingredients. The best time to buy a freshbook is from October to September. Go to your local market. Pick up one book and study it. The book should be happy and clean. These taste the best! Put six of them in your shopping cart. You will also need a pound each of carrots and pens.Next, you need to get the ingredients for the salad dressing. You might like appledressing, which tastes yummy on book salad, but you might also enjoy banana dressing. Pick out the five best fruits you can find. Take your ingredients home, and get ready to make your salad.Wash and dry each book thoroughly. Use your car to separate the parts of the book. Put the pieces in a large salad bowl. Next, chop the carrots and pens, and put those in the bowl. To make the dressing, mash the fruit in another bowl. Add a cup of oil and a hundred teaspoons of vinegar. Pour the dressing into the large salad bowl and mix the ingredients. Voilà! Enjoy your book salad.