Another Cool Word Cloud

Resim1I love word clouds! And Wordle is certainly a long time favorite of mine.

Here is another word cloud generator if you are interested! You can copy and paste text or you can enter a URL to see the word cloud of the website. It’s a great first day introduction tool. You can create your own word cloud about you and show it to your students to make guesses or make them create their word clouds about their feelings or themselves.

Picture Source: Shutterstock

Easy Tweets

shutterstock_223324957Easy Tweets is a cool website that I have found out lately.The website finds interesting and real tweets at your language level easy, medium, or difficult. It uses the word lists from Cambridge University’s English Vocabulary Profile project which lists more than 15,000 of the most common English words, ranked by difficulty level. 

Go to the website, choose easy/medium or difficult, then write the keyword that you would like to find tweets about, then you can enjoy reading the tweets. If you think that a tweet is inappropriate, click on the flag and it will be deleted forever.

This tool can be used with upper levels and that’s great for teachers if you are looking for and using authentic materials in your classes.

Picture Source: ShutterStock