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Google Slides: Extentions

There are various Google Slides extensions that you can use to make your life easier. Here is my list:

Use Unsplash to enhance your slides. With the easy-to-install add-on, you can quickly search for relevant images using keywords right from the sidebar. The best part is that it is completely free of cost.

Free icons, photos & illustrations will help you to get top-notch graphics without googling.

Use PearDeck to ask multiple-choice questions, embed external websites, or even add an audio file for your slides.

With Magic Slides, enter your topic, the number of slides you want, any reference text if you wish — and here you go! The tool generates a rough presentation with images. 

LucidChart lets you make them all on Google Slides with its add-on, no external exporting is required.

Extensis Fonts has over 1400 fonts you can sort in multiple ways — alphabetically, by popularity, by trending, and by date.

Slides Translator lets you translate text into various languages in one click, free of cost.

Which one is your favorite extension?

Google Slides Tips for Teachers

Google Slides proves to be an amazingly versatile tool, catering to both teachers and students alike. Now, let’s delve into my top 10 favorite tips, helping you make the most out of your Google Slides experience.


Transform any image by cropping it into various shapes like circles, stars, hearts, and more. Get creative and give your presentations a unique touch!


When you embed a video in a Google Slide, you have the option to set specific start and stop times. This feature comes in handy when you want to play a particular section of a video or divide it into smaller chunks for focused discussions. It gives you greater control over your presentations and enhances the learning experience for your audience.


Harness the power of countdown timers as an effective classroom management tool. YouTube offers a selection of timers that you can seamlessly embed into your slides to track time during discussions, activities, transitions, and more. These timers not only keep students aware of their allotted time for each task but also contribute to the smooth flow of your lessons. However, be mindful of the timer’s sound effects beforehand, as some may have loud or distracting alarms when time runs out. Choose wisely to maintain a focused and engaging learning environment.


Did you know that the fonts listed in your font dropdown are just a fraction of what Google offers? Explore a wide array of fonts in the Google Font Library, where you can filter them by type, popularity, and date added. Unleash your creativity and find the perfect font to enhance the visual appeal of your Google Slides presentations!


Although Google Slides defaults to a size of 16 x 9, you have the flexibility to change these dimensions to suit your needs. This feature becomes particularly useful when you aim to create printable handouts or worksheets within Google Slides, as opposed to presentations meant for projection on a screen. Customize the slide dimensions as per your requirements and get creative with your content!

If I missed your favorite Google Slides trick – I’m all ears to learn from you too! Feel free to share any tricks or tips you love using in Google Slides. Let’s keep the knowledge exchange going!