How to Use Canva in Class

For teachers and educators, Canva can become an indispensable tool that feels like a must-have in their toolbox. Canva enables you to swiftly create breathtaking visuals without the need for professional design skills or prior knowledge of design software. And thanks to its wide array of templates and user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly craft various visuals suited for numerous classroom applications.

Here are some ways that you can use Canva:

Use the Lesson Plans: There are many pre-made lesson plans on Canva. You can use or make adjustments according to your needs.

Make Presentations: You can create stunning presentations using Canva. If you want, you can use the ready-made templates or you can start from scratch. Canva’s Magic Write AI text generator is also extremely helpful for kickstarting presentation ideas.  Just give it a prompt, and it will write a paragraph.

Create Graphic Organizers: Canva makes it super easy to create graphic organizers. Simply, choose and create your template by adding images, and text, and playing with the colors and fonts. When you are done, you can easily download and print it out to share with your students.

Design Posters: Creating posters has never been easier. Choose an existing poster and make the necessary changes or start from scratch to create stunning posters to share with your students. Download them to print or share them online with your students.

Create Worksheets: Are you still using Word Docs to create your worksheets. Canva makes it much easier for you to create worksheets using various fonts, pictures, text boxes, lines, and images that you can choose from a vast library. You can also check the ready worksheets and customize them according to your needs.

The possibilities are endless! Do you have an idea? Just head over to Canva and get started!

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