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Google Slides: Extentions

There are various Google Slides extensions that you can use to make your life easier. Here is my list:

Use Unsplash to enhance your slides. With the easy-to-install add-on, you can quickly search for relevant images using keywords right from the sidebar. The best part is that it is completely free of cost.

Free icons, photos & illustrations will help you to get top-notch graphics without googling.

Use PearDeck to ask multiple-choice questions, embed external websites, or even add an audio file for your slides.

With Magic Slides, enter your topic, the number of slides you want, any reference text if you wish — and here you go! The tool generates a rough presentation with images. 

LucidChart lets you make them all on Google Slides with its add-on, no external exporting is required.

Extensis Fonts has over 1400 fonts you can sort in multiple ways — alphabetically, by popularity, by trending, and by date.

Slides Translator lets you translate text into various languages in one click, free of cost.

Which one is your favorite extension?

Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers

When it comes to the best Chrome extensions for teachers, the key factors that set them apart are functionality, ease of use, and compatibility.

Here is a list that I have recently been using:

Scribe is a fantastic free Chrome extension that records your clicks and keystrokes while you work through a process. In a snap, it transforms this data into a comprehensive step-by-step guide, complete with screenshots and written instructions. Making your tasks a breeze!

ReadAloud utilizes text-to-speech technology to convert written content into audio supporting over 40 languages. simply download and pin it to your browser. Then, open the desired site, click on the extension, highlight the text, and activate the feature. You can further customize the voice, and reading speed, and even enable text highlighting according to your preferences. Enjoy the convenience of listening to content instead of reading it!

ClearlyReader helps you to declutter the pages you read online. With this tool, you can say goodbye to backgrounds, ads, and other distracting elements or images on the webpage. This way, you can focus solely on the essential information you need for your students without any unnecessary distractions. Streamline your reading process with Clearly Readers and make the most out of your valuable time as an educator.

ProWritingAid is a lifesaver when it comes to checking your writing for grammar errors. Not only does it catch those pesky mistakes, but it also provides valuable recommendations to enhance the overall style of your writing. The tool also has a bonus feature which is a plagiarism checker.

Which one is your favorite? What others do you add to this list?