Faves of the Week (1)

Here comes the first part of my “Faves of the Week” series. In fact, this is totally Shelly Terrell‘s idea. I should thank her =) She may want to write for one of the weeks. Shelly??

Here are my favourite web sites of this week:

screenjelly_free_screen_recorder Screenjelly is a free service that records your screen up to 3 minutes. You can record your voice as well and share it as a video with your friends on your social network. You don’t have to download anything to use it.  It is an easy way to share what is happening on your screen and share it with others. If you want to record more than 3 minutes, you’re welcome to use ScreenToaster.

longURLTinyURL is a super friendly tool, especially if you are using Twitter. You can shorten the longest link you can find ever into a tiny one. But you can’t tell where that shortened URL goes by just looking at it. There comes LongURL. You can easily learn the source link, where the link goes by using LongURL. (Here comes a list of shortening URL services, enjoy!)

ssI love the third party apps. of Twitter. You can have a look at my list here. Pockets is a new application that I’ve discovered today. Using it, you can leave voice messages to your friends on Twitter and they will be notified via @. Isn’t it super cool?

storybird-descriptionStoryBird is a lovely site for digital and collaborative storytelling that connects you with others.You can easily start your very first Storybook by just dragging pictures and, writing your own texts for the pages. When you finish it, you can watch it online and share it with the world. Also, you can create a collaborative story with others. You create your story and send the story to your friend to finish it. It’s a great way to publish your books. No doubt that my kids will love using this tool!!

tadaTada list is one of the easiest to do lists. You can create your own list and share it with others. You can check when you finish the things on your list, you can make a list for almost anything,people to call, homework to check, favourite quotes, links, songs, shopping list and share it with the world to keep them up to you!! It’s a great organizer.

14238 Odiogo converts webpages or blogs into high quality audio files by using text to speech technology to produce nearly human audio output. You can easily upload it to your Pc, ipod or Mp3 player, you can listen to it on your mobile phone. You don’t need to know programming to do use this service,you only need to promote the service on your site with a link to the Oidio enabled feed link.

10123 OneLook is a word and phrase search engine. It indexes hundreds of online dictionaries, encyclopedias and other reference sites. You write a word or a phrase and OneLook takes you to the definition or the translation of the word. By using this service, you can define words, find words or translate them into different languages. You can also have a look at ReverseDictionary which lets you describe a word and describe a word or a list of words that is related to it.

www.tagalag.comYou can use Tagalag to tag people, friends, colleagues and to creare contextual relationships. You can promote yourself and find other people that have the same interest as you.

I hope you enjoy exploring these sites. Have a nice week everyone!

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