Valentine’s Day Rocks With Technology (Updated)

heart-shaped-mouse“Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.”  ~Albert Einstein

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and love is in the air…

Here my suggestions to tell your love technologically!!

Animoto can save your life.  Upload your pictures or videos, choose a love song from animoto’s song list and tell your love with a picture slide show. Animoto has also new features for Valentine’s Day.

Bookr is another site that is featured by Pimpampum. You create and share your photobook using Flickr images. You can write tags to find the pictures from Flickr photos or you can search your name on Flickr to find your own photos. When you find them, you write your text that matches with the pictures. You may want to create your story with this tool.

You can tell your love with AcapelaTV. There are flash animations, you can use text-to-speech feature to make the characters talk. You can make different language selections. It’s a great and an interesting way to show your love.

You can create a shape collage with your photos on ShapeCollage and you can choose the heart shape to fit it to this day’s importance.

What about creating a Wordle with love words?You can also use Tagul to create word clouds and these clouds can be in the shape of a heart.

With BubbleJoy, you can create your own video greeting cards with your own video to tell your love. You can even choose to send it to Twitter directly.

MixBook can help you to create a customizable e-book of your Valentine. Choose the background, add your pictures,use stickers and write a txt to tell your love.ScrapBlog is a similiar site.

FotoBabble can help you to tell your love. Upload a photo and just record your voice.

Upload your pictures to Speechable and add your own bubbles to it.

You can try Glogster, upload pictures, use videos, record your voice, use some animated cliparts, change the theme and the background of your page. Magnoto can be an alternative.

TextLayOut is a tool to create a heart or a maze that are shaped with the words that you have written. You can easily save it to your computer.

You can create a virtual Valentine’s cake here!

Here is a list of translations of “I love You” nearly in all languages in case you need it.

and I wish you a great Valentine’s day with full of surprises, candies and bonbons to make your day the best =)

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