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A-Z Web tools:C

letter_cHere is the third part of A-Z Web tools with the third letter:C!!

ClassBlogMeister is a blog engine tool that is specifically created for the classroom use.

CheckDog lets you spell check your website to see how many spelling errors on it. Just copy and paste your url and get the results.

ConfusingWords is a site where you can find a collection of words that are often confused or misused.

ConverttoCartoon is a tool to turn your own pictures in to a cartoon.

CiteBite is a tool where you can get a link directly to specific quotes in web pages.

Clue is a fun and an interesting way to test people (or you) about what they remember on your site.

CarryOutText is a text-to-speech service that converts your English text to a mp3 file that you can use on your computer or your mp3 player.

CubeTree lets you create wikis, blogs, profiles, feeds for your groups.

Codeorgan is a site that analyses any web page and translate its content into music. Just copy and paste your URL and let it play!

CopyScape is a site that detects online plagiarism. You can easily search copies of your pages using this site. It lets you search copies of you pages on web.

Citrify is a photo editor tool that you enhance your pictures.

CoSketch is another whiteboard that you can collaborate to visualize your ideas and share them as images.

Closr allows you to upload your pictures, share and zoom your images.

CrazyTalk lets you make your pictures talk. You can add emotions and you can use text-to-speech form.

CorkBoard is an online cork board that you can add text and images.

ComicBrush lets you create your own comics by using your drawing, photos and ready to use artwork.

Chatterous is a tool to create a group chat right in your website or blog.

CropMom lets you create your online scrap books.

ChirpStory is a tool to create a story from your tweets by organizing tweets into a compelling narrative quickly and easily.

Calameo is a tool that converts all kind of documents into a digital publication and lets you share it via Facebook, Twitter or your blog.

Colla-O-Write allows you to write your own story by adding an existing or illustrating your own original story.

ClayAnimator is a tool to create your own stop motion animation.

ClassMarker is an online quiz maker that marks your tests and quizzes for you.

Comeeko lets you create own photo scripts by choosing your layout, uploading your pictures, adding bubbles with texts and effects.

Capzles is a way to combine your videos,photos, blogs and mp3s into a multimedia storyline.

Classik TV is a site where you can put different Bollywood movies together with music effects.

Clipgenerator is a tool to create music videos from your images and text.

Cacoo is an online collaborative drawing tool that lets you create different diagrams such as site maps, frames and network charts.

CamStudio is a free streaming video software. You can easily record all your screen and audio activities.

ComicMaster is a tool to create comics by using characters, text, different backgrounds.

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A-Z Web tools:B


Here is the second part of A-Z Web tools with the second letter:B!!

BuildYourWildSelf is a site to design an avatar with animals parts. You choose a background and send it to others. The sites gives you a name and tells about your features.

Bubbl.us lets you create a brainstorming sheet that can be embeddable to your website.

BitStrips is a comic creator tool. You choose the characters from the gallery, write in the bubbles and publish it online or save it to your computer.

BeFunky is a tool to add photo effects to your pictures to turn them into art.

BusinessCard2 is an online service to create professional network and exchange business cards on web. You can add videos, slide shows, files,external links, your websites, social sites and you can let other people to leave messages and it’s embeddable of course.

Bot Morpheus is a bot that can write and speak at the same time. The answers are logical, it also asks questions and analyze your answers.

BubbleJoy lets you create a video greeting card using your own video. You can choose from different fun card designs that will fit in to your topic.

BookGlutton lets you create virtual groups to meet up in the digital books and have discussions on any chapter. You can also chat by leaving comments and sharing them with each other.

BlogBooker is a site to produce a high-quality PDF Blog Book from all your blog entries, comments and pictures.

Board800 is a multi user shared interactive whiteboard with simultaneous access and drawing capabilities. It lets you add as many as you want. Users can use each page independently, and each user can see the changes on each page.

Box.net lets you share your files with your visitors in a small widget box.

Bookr is another site that is featured by Pimpampum. You create and share your photobook using Flickr images. You can write tags to find the pictures from Flickr photos or you can search your name on Flickr to find your own photos. When you find them, you write your text that matches with the pictures. You may want to create your story with this tool

BonzoBox is an interactive tool that lets you create a speacial BonzoBox site that you can build your page with your favourite websites. It has a drag and drop application that makes it easy for you to collect your favourites.

Blabberize lets you make a photo talk with your own voice.

Bubblr is a way to create your comic strip with Flickr pictures and add bubbles to tell your story!

BombayTV is a tool for writing subtitles for Bollywood films. You can also record your voice or use text to speech application. There is also BombayTV2 where you can edit different scenes from Bollywood films together and add subtitles to them

BigHugeLabs lets you create a slide show from images anywhere on the web.

BigUniverse is an engaging website. You can read book online or you can create your own and publish it.

BubbleSnaps lets you add bubbles to your pictures and create slide show.

Bibme is an automated bibliography generator. It finds information about your sources and formats the citations for you. This site can save you time while building your bibliography. It also allows you to search from a database of millions of entries to find your source.

BounceApp is a fun and an easy way to share ideas on a website. You just write the url of the site and bounceapp grabs a screenshot for you to add notes and share it with others.

BrainFlips is a tool for creating, sharing and studying flashcards. You can add text, images, audio or video to your flashcards. Thanks to Rupert for suggesting this tool.

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P.S. any more tools? Just leave me a comment with your name, I’ll mention it, thanx.