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New Year With Technology!

shutterstock_20810806New year is on the way and here are some tools to enjoy the last days of this year with your students!

JibJab is an amazing site where you can place your face on different animated e-cards. Share this fun with Santa.
If you would like to chat with Santa, here he is the Santa bot, waiting for you to answer your questions.
If you are a gamer, here is an escape the room game. Help Santa escape from the room before someone sees him. Be quick!
ElfYourSelf  is a website that lets you create an elf of yourself. You upload your picture, create your mouth cut and choose your dance. When you finish it, you can download it or mail it to others. You can create up to five elves or you can get your Xmas elf name here.
You have got something to say to Santa? He has got an email adress here. Let’s write and wait for his reply.
Make Santa jump, hop, dance, sing!! Write whatever you want and Santa does it for you on SimonSezSanta.
Visit Santa’s secret village in NorthPole and play games.
What about creating animated and personalized e-cards for others? Nice!
You can create a personalized Santa story for your kids. Here it comes!
What about creating a custom letter for Santa! You can film yourself or upload a picture and it to Santa’s mail.
Make your carol with Zefrank and share the joy!
How about following Santa on Twitter? Learn what he is into these days.
You can play the songs with the Rain Deer Orchestra, squash their noses with your mouse or click the symbol on your keyboard.
Make your online snowflake and let it snow.
Are you on Santa’s good list?? If you want to learn, here you go!
Send an interactive ecard via OWorlds, decorate your gingerbread man,write your message and change your background.
Make your personalized Christmas card and share the joy with others.
What about making your own virtual snowman! You can try this one here.
This calendar has a new animation for each day until Christmas! You can also try this one and solve a puzzle each day.
Decorate your Christmas tree here.
and cheers to a happy New Year…

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Reform Symposium 2013


Reform Symposium which is the most famous online global event is highlighting “wow” moments in teaching and learning this year. There are amazing educators, leaders from all over the world that will be presenting at this amazing event. For example, Sugata Mitra will be one of plenary speakers!! Yay!  There are also panels, keynotes and 100+ sessions that will be led by different educators all over the world. I am also privileged to be one of the panelists this year.  So, if you have any questions to me, join our panel and I will be answering your questions!

Please don’t miss this online professional development event that takes place October 11th to 13th.

I am looking forward to connecting with many different educators! Reserve your place in advance and enjoy the presentations!

Create Infographics

If you are looking for a tool to create a good looking infographic, meet with Easel.ly today. It’s a very simple tool to create colorful and simple infographics on anything they you want.

After you register, click to create a new one. You can choose a new visual template or start with a blank one. Click on the objects and drag them on your canvas. Move and scale them. Play with the colors, add shapes and text. You can also upload your own pictures. when you’re done, save it and share it with a link, get the code for your blog or download it to your computer as a picture.

How to use this tool:

Students can summarize a research or a survey that they have done in groups.

Assign students to create different infographics on different topics and present them in class.

Show your students different infographics and discuss about the hidden data on the infographic.

Students prepare their own questions, ask others, collect data and summarize the data by using this tool.

This tool is a good way to use technology both for educational and social purposes.