Boost Your Blog With Widgets

Picture2Is there any blog without a widget around on web? I don’t think so. “Widgets” has become a common term in blogosphere. I love using different widgets on my blog though  too many on a blog maybe confusing.

Here is a list of my favourites. I’m sure most bloggers are familiar with them, but this maybe a good list for newbies and the ones who want to flare their blogs:

Skysa is a website application and a social widget that you can add to your blog. Once you add it, you can change the settings, customize its looks and you can use different applications such as RSS, announcements, chat rooms and third party applications such as Facebook or Twitter. Wibiya is also a similar site that will boost your blog with interactive features.

Wowzio offers interesting widgets to enhance the blog reading experience. It has different widget options. You can use PhotoGallery and SlideShow widgets to show photos on your blogs that are linked to the posts. LiveActivity widget provides a live feed of the visits to your blog or you can use TagCloud widget that displays the matching blog posts inside the tag cloud frame.

Feedjit gives you a tool that tells you what city your visitors are coming from, what sites they come from and what search terms they use to find your blog. When you get it, your blog will be automatically added to Geoblogosphere that shows which blogs are popular in your country. If you want to visualize results, you can try MixMap or NeoWorX. You can also try SiteMeter web counter to get information or data about your visitors. You can display the results on your blog as well or if you want to see and analyze the traffic on your web, you use Google Analytics. You can also try ClickMeter.

Do you want to create polls for your readers. You can use PollDaddy to ask people their opinions.

With Blogrator, you can give the chance to rate your blog or your blog posts. 

If you are using Skype, you can display a skype widget on your blog to tell your readers status. You can choose from different widget options.

You can give the ability to your visitors to chat with you using  Meebome.

You can share your Delicious list with your visitors using this linkrolls widget.

AddThis widget can help your readers to share your content anywhere on web. If you’re using Twitter, you can add this Retweet Button to let people RT your post immediately on Twitter.

 Box.netlets you share your files with your visitors in a small widget box.

 Smakly can help you to get more traffic and more page views with its useful photo pictures that are linked to your blog posts.

SnapShot reads your website and looks for key phrases that you have inserted as a link and adds the right snap shots. You don’t have to add an extra link, the snapsshot will automatically get it for you.

Enjoy while exploring these widgets or you can have a look at Wigipedia or Widgetbox or SpringWidgets.

You can also read this post on TechLearning.

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