Digital Games by Digital Natives

It’s really demanding to work with very young learners, but it’s amazing when you think of how much they can pick up even they are so small!!

I’ve made three animation projects with 6 years old kids for the last two years. MEDEA Awards awardedDaisy and Drago cartoon that was animated and dubbed by 6 year old non-native students with “Creativity and Innovation” award in Online-Educa conference last year. I had written a guest blog on Ken Wilson’s blog about this project. If you are interested more, you can also watch my interview about it and watch the film here. The kids also animated the second story of Daisy and Drago. You can watch it here.

This year, we’ve been working on a new animation story with new and very cute characters “Bubble and Pebble”. The aim is to teach colours to the kids. The recordings haven’t been completed yet so I’ll share it later on a different blog post. By the way, you can have a look at the short summary of the story below:

At school, we’ve collaborated with the IT department to create digital games for kindergarten students to reinforce what they learn in English lessons. This year, we’ve decided to create digital games using our new characters to teach different topics to the kids. For this project, children have drawn the pictures for the game. I’ve recorded their voices and IT teacher  has put the drawings and the recordings together using Flash. You can play the demo of one of the games below:

Children do love playing with Bubble and Pebble games!! and it’s amazing to see how much they enjoy the material they have created to learn English. Let’s give them all a big hand!!


  1. dani lyra

    Your kids are very lucky to have you, you are very lucky to have them… they sound soooo cute! Loved it! Cheers from Brazil!

  2. Ken Wilson

    Another lovely idea, Özge. This time, the
    artwork looks a lot more professional. Who
    did it? It seems very different from the
    original project, where the main pictures
    seem tohave been provided by the children
    themselves. Or am I wrong in thinking that?

    Sorry for the questions, but you always move
    the boundaries of what is possible, so I like
    to know how you do it. 🙂

  3. Seth Sanford

    Hi Ozge,

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    Hope this is helpful,

    Seth Sanford

  4. ozge

    Hi Ken,
    Sorry for being late in answering your question.
    Yes, the original pictures are drawn by the animation teacher to provide an example of the characters and the background to the kids. As the kids are too young, they can’t draw from the settings from their minds so we provide them with pictures. But with the older kids, they create their own stories and characters.

  5. Oksana chugai

    Great! What i especially like is that kids don’t just consume what others created. Besides, collaboration between English teachers and IT specialists. Fantastic!

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